Igloo Dodo

In events,surprise your participants by renting / buying one or more ephemeral igloos for a magical night in the heart of nature !

In different and atypical places as the sea, mountains, desert or the countryside, live a unique experience in a transparent bubble and let your eyes dream.

Adherent of surprising and unique, we made for you a hosting solution shifted, tailored, easily transportable, moving easily and quickly.

We surf on the wave of Glamping,is a contraction of glamor and camping. The goal is to attempt a return to outdoor tourism, under the seal of luxury, upscale comfort and chic. And a very strong trend that goes against the established clichés about the campers, however, that offers all the luxury and comfort they expect.

This solution,beyond its originality, is also convenient, because many such places (ex: Castles) are destitute of all type of accommodation nearby. Platigloo proposes to take care of the creation of some ephemeral igloos to make some hostings, with an emphasis on esthetics and comfort.

The Platigloo has a diameter of 3.50 meters and a height of 2.65 meters, the SAS is quite big with a size of 2.00 meters long by 1.80 high. The ideal size is designed for a sufficient welcoming space, and the weight of this structure does not exceed 40 kg.