our igloos


Igloo dodo

In events, rent or buy an ephemeral igloo village for seminars and sleep where you want under the stars.

Igloos fabric

Design and sale of bespoke igloos for all your marketing events and sales.

Dome & cie

To enhance your presentations and product objects, discover our range of spheres and hemispheres.


We had dreamed to sleep under the stars ....

We imagined for seminars to give the opportunity to sleep under the stars in a transparent igloo to live a unique moment, both in the desert, as the mountain, in the fields or the beach ..

We thought about many possibilities and storyboarding, such as using a luminous Igloo Village meeting the musical variations to make a festive and dancing moment, a time for dream before sleep.

We know how to custom & design igloos, domes and bubbles to provide solutions in terms of products presentations and street marketing.

For discretion and wishes, we designed a removable curtain to isolate yourself completely in your bubble.


Glamping :

The glamping is the new trend of outdoor tourism. Eco-chic, this new form of tourism is trying to (re) combine luxury and nature, comfort and rusticity, and glamorous camping. Here, we take care of everything from design to implementation, assembly & disassembly. We can also manage the logistics and equipment inside (bed, linen ,decoration ...), as well as transportation and entertainment. For all marketing creations, we also manage the entire course.